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In most businesses today, 80% of transactions are paper-based*. These transactional documents require manual handling and data-entry.  With Capture, no more delays and errors in the most crucial process of a healthy business; the order-to-cash cycle.central data systems, ERP or other, are updated with the relevant information in real-time. Follow-up business processes, like the printing or emailing of an invoice, can be triggered instantly.

* data capture in transportation and logistics, 2009, Manufacturing insights, an idc company.

Capture Zones

Specific zone of a printed form that includes the unique Anoto pattern, where handwriting can be captured.

Data Transmission

Handwriting captured by the pen is transmitted to central data system where it is recorded on the digital version of the original form, in essence creating a high-quality digital archive.

Handwriting Capture

Handwriting is recorded by the anoto digital pen when it is applied in a capture zone.


The anoto digital pen contains a Bluetooth® transceiver that can send recorded data through a mobile device to central data systems, thus allowing handwriting to be captured remotely.


Capture uses alphanumeric intelligent character recognition. It also applies an accuracy value to the resulting data, enabling the creation of a validation process.

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Digital Writing Solutions

Bring digital accuracy and speed to traditional pen and paper document processes.

  • Remotely capture hand written documents instantaneously from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Create and design your own custom forms or simply convert existing forms for capture

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