How an Office Copier Can Pay for Itself

In today’s economic environment, businesses are being forced to find ways to cut costs even further, while increasing productivity. The current generation of office copiers, also known as multi-function printers, is under-appreciated for its ability to drive even greater cost savings and productivity. The way in which these machines accomplish these tasks is with the help of software solutions. This is software that makes it easy for office workers to use the MFP to digitize and distribute paper documents using the organization’s current business applications, which could include e-mail, fax, and cloud based business applications.


Key Features

Ease of Doing Business-

Employees gain improved access to information contained in searchable electronic documents as compared

to paper files. As a result, they are able to provide faster, better service to customers and suppliers alike.

Improved Employee Job Satisfaction-
With easy access to searchable electronic documents, employees experience less stress and frustration
trying to find information. In addition, they are more likely to perceive their employer companies as innovative organizations that give them the tools needed to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively.

Reduced Risk of Business Interruption-
Electronic document storage provides for faster data recovery in the event of business interruptions due to
severe weather, natural disaster, health pandemic, labor strike, and other incidences.

Increased Document Security-
Restricted system access reduces the risk of sabotage and improves intellectual property protection.

Reduced Business Process Latency-
Electronic document storage enables more efficient discovery of documents and eliminates needing to find physical documents.

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